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About Us

I have close to 20 years of experience helping all types of borrowers with different loan needs. My clients are mostly my repeat customers because I make every effort to give them the best service. I believe in the client’s interest is my interest and for that reason I do my very best to keep them satisfied with the loans I can get them. If my clients are looking to purchase a property, I can help them break down the steps involved in getting prepared to be approved for the mortgage they need. 

In my opinion the right mortgage is one of the most important factors in any home purchase. The payments, length of the loan, the loan characteristics all play a role in helping the buyers satisfied with their home. If my clients are refinancing their existing mortgage to lower their rate or reduce the term of the loan or reduce the monthly payment or consolidating other payments into one payment making the overall monthly payment much easier to handle, I will evaluate their situation and match them with the best possible solution.

 In other loan scenarios, I might be able to help a borrower who was been turned down at a bank due to different reasons. My overall goals is to constantly look for ways that I can save money for my clients and help them pay their loans faster.

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